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    While I also wouldn't mind a few blog posts about progress it is not the case the public would not get informed at all: Current MorphOS gets shown on meetings and shows. A lot about 3.10 is known already and it's more than clear development is ongoing.

    But I second that a bit more information about development of what and from whom would be nice. Especially from some of the very core developers: Laire, CYFM - long time no hear about them. CYFM used to post here from time to time, Laire was a user of the bunny - but as we all know this went down the drain... But is Laire still active in development, is he still the main maintainer? Guess so, but the silence is pretty ear blasting...

    Anyway. MorphOS runs and still provides fun and I think since about 10 years or so we all have no illusions it will not become widespread and take over the world. But I still think MorphOS - even on oly ppc macs - holds potential for a bit more users ( a few thousand) if it would get at least a bit more active promotion.

    Long, long time ago MorphOS team announced the no more broken dreams slogan. That was very good back tten and nobody wants a "two more weeks", on "schedule and rocking" or other crap when there is not much material, but time moved on. A bit more announcing, promising and rolling the drums would be pretty okay IMHO.

    Let' s rock it!

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