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    Leo wrote:

    Ok, I'm sorry: there has been two paragraphs to announce the availability of the MorphOS SDK 3.10. I was wrong, and that's exactly what people asked for...

    Well, you did miss out on the "ls" command update. It was re-written and now displays directory contents at an alarming speed. Small bug in the code consumes 100% cpu for a split second but in a blink of an eye, your dir contents are right there. Its being submitted for (c) as nothing has ever displayed directory contents this fast on any system ever developed. Ever.

    UPDATE: Just found out that the "ls" command needs to be slowed down. A for-loop is being written to count to 1 billion to slow down the system, then exit, displaying your contents. Its the bug I was talking about. So its put in place to slow down displaying contents quickly, but adverse affect, consumes CPU time.

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