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    Sure, press releases are not blog posts, but I usually value press releases way higher than blog posts. Taking "no official blog post in two years" as evidence of non-development or non-communication when there were two official press releases about SDK updates instead seems weird to me.

    Ok, I'm sorry: there has been two paragraphs to announce the availability of the MorphOS SDK 3.10. I was wrong, and that's exactly what people asked for...

    We can now close this thread.

    By the way, I never said nor meant there had been no development in two years. I just wrote there had been no official communication on the next MorphOS version. These two press releases don't tell anything about what's expected in MorphOS 3.10. Of course they prove something's beeing worked on, but I never said nothing was.
    Nothing hurts a project more than developers not taking the time to let their community know what is going on.
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