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    I don't quite understand why interest to certain OS should depend that much of the OS updates. MorphOS, for example, is in a pretty good shape already and 3.9 is a pretty solid release.

    For myself, MorphOS was supposed to be the path for a brand new modern OS, with modern features: memory protection, multi core, 64bit, portability, etc...

    That's what made me excited about it when I used it. And that's what I was waiting for. I didn't want it to compte with OSX, Windows, Linux. No, I just wanted to use a new modern OS with that Amiga feeling.

    I know it takes time, but every step in this direction made me interested.

    Time passed, and it seemed it wasn't the priority anymore and the focus shifted to improve ABox instead of working on Qbox (or whatever it was called). Using an OS with the same limitations as AmigaOS wasn't interesting to me. Although I have to admit they did a really good job at modernizing it.

    Communicating helps people get excited, interested, passionate, etc Having to dig the forum to learn some very specific things about the new version isn't what I would call "communicating".

    As it was said above, there's no need to be precise, and deadlines are meant to be pushed back, so no problem with that. Nobody asks for a regular blog post every two months. But no official blog post in two years, that's a long time.

    Anyway, that was my two cents. Like SoundSquare, I also come here from time to time, hopping to here about a new release. And reading the release notes, yes, I love that :)
    Nothing hurts a project more than developers not taking the time to let their community know what is going on.
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