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    I don't quite understand why interest to certain OS should depend that much of the OS updates. MorphOS, for example, is in a pretty good shape already and 3.9 is a pretty solid release. Nothing prevents people enjoying it and doing things with it. New updates don't do miracles in that regard IMHO. It's a bit sad if people just wait for new updates, play around little, and then forget it again, but don't have enough interest to actually use the system or be even productive. Most of the complainers haven't probably even digged the depths of the OS to find all the nice things in it. I guess there would still be much to explore. It should be overally appealing to use the system and not just be some curiosity and complaining about the updates....

    IMHO it's about sending signals of a future. If there is no sign of a future, then why bother? The "silent treatment" for 2-3 years doesn't help this. And there is no real info on the post-PPC developments either.

    Some communication could help a lot!

    Are there anyone still there actually doing development? About when (no promises on exact date, but like "this summer", "this fall", "this winter", etc) can an update be expected?

    What's happening on the post-PPC front?

    Yep, I second that.
    Communication helps. It bind people more together.

    Timeframes don't need to be accurate and can certainly be postponed. If it's not ready it's not ready.
    But communicating what can be expected would be great.


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