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    jdryyz wrote:
    At the risk of being redundant, I would like to add that seeing MorphOS on a PowerMac 11,2 would be really awesome, even if only one of my the two cores is supported. :)

    I'm beginning to think this might not happen (at least not any time soon).
    After talking to a couple of developers, the sentiment I get back is that we already support too many platforms, and that adding another would require time that they would prefer to devote to other tasks.

    As such, I'm buying parts with an eye toward putting together an X5000.
    I already have a Radeon HD 6870 (and I may buy a Radeon HD 4870 to see if compositing make the sacrifice in performance worthwhile), I'm also looking for sound cards (although I should be able to use a SoundBlaster Live card).

    I already have a Quad 2.5 G5, so its a bit frustrating having to go this route, but in the long run the hardware will have some advantages (like being compatible with GCN video cards).
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