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    geit wrote:
    There is no real market for MorphOS on the X5000.

    Most systems are bought by hardcore OS4 fans and most of them will never (at least officially) even try MorphOS on that system.

    Why everyone wants a Quad-G5? It makes no sense. At least not for MorphOS.

    We only support only one Core. Nothing will change that in the near future.

    Better go for a 1.8 to 2.3 Ghz G5 with air cooling. It is cheap, fast and simply works.

    I have a Quad because I run Linux on it, and want the best performance I can get.
    As to the whole air cooling vs water cooling argument, I couldn't care less.
    The water cooled AGP G5s have served me flawlessly.
    And they perform better (although 2.3 vs 2.7 isn't that big a deal, but Quad 2.5 vs Dual 2.3 under Linux, THAT is significant).

    SO, MorphOS is just one operating system I'd use on a PCIe G5 (if I could).

    And as to the X5000, I'm considering one.
    Even if we had PCIe G5 support, I'm not sure we could get those systems to run GCN graphics cards (and Mark already has a few GCN cards that may lead to the eventual support of later Radeons).
    And, and I know this isn't a big selling point for most of us, that system can run both OS4 and MorphOS.

    Further, if I purchase one, it would be new, not twelve years old.
    Frankly that, and the fact that its not an Apple are good selling points for me.

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