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    asrael22 wrote:
    Any word that PowerMacs beyond 7.3 are supported?

    Beyond 7,3...like maybe the PowerMac11,2? ;-)
    Nope nothing what so ever.

    And the last time I talked to anyone they were doing their development work on older equipment or an AmigaOne X5000 or SAM460.

    That doesn't mean someone hasn't tried it, it just mean they aren't talking.
    And we've seen surprise releases before.

    But, since the next release should bring X5000 support, releasing PCIe G5 support might eat into the market for that (not that the development team necessarily has to worry about Aeon's marketing, but...).

    Hey, it WOULD be nice to have PCIe G5 support, but I'm not sure that the G5 can be upgraded past the Radeon HD 6970.
    I haven't seen anyone running a GCN video card on these machines, and I get conflicting information as to whether or nor PCIe 3.0 cards will work in the G5's 1.0 slot.

    Still, a Quad core G5 with a Radeon HD 6670 or 6750 would be nice.

    I keep one around to run Linux on, and its still a very competitive machine, 12 years after its introduction.
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