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    Yeah, circling back to some earlier comments, I understand the dev resources are constrained and that this is mostly just a hobby. That said, I always get excited when a new version is released, and that always energizes people to port more software over, so...I guess I'm saying that overall I'm very optimistic, it's just...been a while. :)

    I booted my PowerBook for the first time in months last week to create a MorphOS port of my friend's software.Git doesn't work with github due to certificate errors. Updated to the latest certificates from the curl website, still didn't work. Couldn't download a zip of the repo from the github website due to Odyssey not working correctly with github.

    Ended up copying the source with a USB stick in the end and then I couldn't even email my changes to him via webmail nor simplemail, so had to upload an archive to a file hosting service.

    Hopefully 3.10 will come soon and provide a better working environment.

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