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    Stevo wrote:
    Will we have to pay for updated Radeon drivers?

    ....imagine ;-)

    Very funny. No, Bigfoot loves busting his ass for free (that IS sarcasm, but he has worked really hard on the latest video drivers).
    I had originally thought that he'd only release updated R600 and R700 drivers (and those apparently are going to be damned good and they are supposed to feature composting), but its beginning to look like to HD 5000 and 6000 series cards will get accelerated drivers as well. ALTHOUGH, I'd caution, that is my impression and NOT an official announcement.
    What makes it into 3.10 will no doubt depend on what is ready when the team decides to release it.
    And all these guys have full time jobs, so I can handle a delay if it means more good stuff. ;-)
    Also, when have we ever not gotten more than we expected? ;-)

    Further, I'd agree with Andre, eye candy is good!

    BUT, I can't wait to see what everyone else has thrown into this update.
    I kind of LIKE surprises, so believe it or not, I refrain from asking questions.

    Beside, every decision the development team has made while I've been using this OS has been damned good, so why question anything?

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