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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    esc wrote:
    I feel like there's been a significant downward trend in interest in MorphOS while we wait for 3.10 to be released. Software for MorphOS has also been infrequently released or updated. It's a shame, I don't feel as excited about using my MorphOS computers lately. Anyone else feel this way?

    The silence is indeed deafening...


    Ah, its double edged sword there isn't it?
    I mean this is not a full time job for any of these guys, but at the same time the delays may costs us users.

    Still, from what little I've heard about 3.10 it should be a pretty good release.
    So for us who are patient, the rewards will come.

    And if you already own a licensed copy of MorphOS, you get this for free, so...
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