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    > Interesting note:
    > "X5000s CPU is not compatible with any FreePascal program at the moment"
    > Is this only true for OS4 or also for MorphOS on X5000?

    "Why my Programs does not work on AmigaOS4 X5000? The problem is, that FreePascal itself does not know the X5000 CPU, and it seems to be not a normal PowerPC, but needs some special care. I heard something about special alignment problems. I don’t have a X5000, Charlie doesn’t have a X5000 and we do not know whats special about it to fix that issue. Besides, we both are not really using OS4, we both use [...] MorphOS [...]. [...] If you are interested in Pascal and Amiga(OS4) and want to help with the compiler doing a better job on X5000 [...] you can just do it, it’s open source, send us a patch."

    I have a feeling this doesn't really answer the question, does it? ;-)
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