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    >> multitasking under Amiga OS was always a hit or miss matter.
    >> Or has everyone forgotten those irritating 'guru meditation' crashes?

    > Yes, that's the price to pay for having multitasking without memory protection, no matter the kernel type.

    My own experience points to microkernels as being better equipped to handle rogue processes.
    That said. Without memory protection there is always the possibility of kernel coruption.

    >> I can't wait to see what [...] Mark, Frank, and Michal come up with for our video subsystems.

    >Is Michal available again?
    Keiro? I don't know, I don't ask anyone about the status of the development team. I didn't even know Ralph was still active until I exchanged messages with him about a key file.

    >> I don't understand this bizarre fascination with the Amiga.

    > Yes, that much has become obvious ;-)

    Actually, maybe I do. Why else would I have so much older hardware laying around.
    And while my family has a Nintendo Switch to play with, I've got a CD32 in my den.

    >> go 32 or 64 bit, adopt a little endian ISA, memory protection, better OpenGL
    >> and graphics support and we got a winning combination.

    > Don't forget SMP support :-)

    Definately not, I've been trying to draw proposals out of the OS9 community for the same thing.
    We've begun to use the same MiSTer hardware that many Amigans have adopted, however we also have the advantage of a native ARM port for the two core ARM CPU built into the DE10 nano.

    The possibility of coding across the 6809, 68K, and ARM on one platform intrigues me.

    One of my main issues with MorphOS has been the learning curve with the 3.1 API and the additional features of MorphOS, and that it's kind of pointless to start writing with a 68K assembler again.

    At least with MiSTer, I'll be able to start at a point closer to where I stopped.
    And maybe I'll use the system to explore legacy Amiga structure some more.

    The pity is it puts my DE1 on the shelf, but I've had my fun with that.

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