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    No quotes for this comment. I've already stated my opinion about Open Office.
    Were it available under MorphOS, I'd still use Word under OSX or Windows.
    I do agree that multitasking under popular OS' is crude. That is primarily related to their monolithic kernel structure.
    I started using micro kernel OS' with the 6809, I've used them in process control OS', and in MorphOS.
    As long as the X64 version of MorphOS continues to be based on an enhanced version of Quark, we will have an advantage that even AmigaOS does not have.
    And btw, multitasking under Amiga OS was always a hit or miss matter.
    Or has everyone forgotten those irritating 'guru meditation' crashes?

    It's about time we stopped worrying about legacy and started to focus on what MorphOS could become.
    After all, your most powerful Amiga has always been an X86 system running UAE or Amithlon.

    While I can understand retaining some of the 3.1 API, whatever doesn't work in an X64 version of MorphOS should be jetisoned.
    We can run legacy code the same way Windows, OSX, or Linux does, via UAE.

    I can't wait to see what our developers come up with. Particularly what Mark, Frank, and Michal come up with for our video subsystems.

    I don't understand this bizarre fascination with the Amiga.
    It dead, Jim.

    And unless we want to follow that trajectory, we need to evolve.
    Isn't that what the name of our OS implies, metamorphosis?

    We've got a good base with our current OS, go 32 or 64 bit, adopt a little endian ISA, memory protection, better OpenGL and graphics support and we got a winning combination.

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