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    KennyR wrote:
    I was forced to use LibreOffice when my old employer's account for Microsoft Office expired.

    It's... well, hard to describe fairly. Obviously it's far more powerful than most office packages (especially free ones), but it's slow and clunky, has some UI design issues (Calc cell borders are a real pain trying to do proper work) and strangely lacks the occasional simple feature while covering a lot more obscure ones. The one that bit me last week was trying to put a line break every 80 chars so an exported textfile would be readable in readers that didn't support word wrap. It just couldn't do it.

    Better than nothing at worst, an excellent free office package at best, but if it's slow on an i7 with a high end graphics card, I hate to think what it'll run like on a G4.

    I didn't like it either. But then, I get tired of all the constant changes to Word.
    They've had it working well for about 20 years now.
    But any version of Word from about 2000 up, I can use without much adaption.

    Libre/Open Office's word processor? Calling it clunky is being kind.

    It would be nice to have a good word processor under MorphOS, but I don't even use Linux for word processing.

    I just pull out a Windows laptop.

    Hey, even under OSX or MacOS I can use Word, even on older PPC Macs.

    My primary concern is keeping OWB/Odyssey up to date.
    I spend far more time on the internet than I do editing documents.

    And for simple code editing a WYSIWYG word processor is actually a hindrance, so we have editors that will cover that.
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