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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Without endianess issues mainy ports will be easier.. like [...] uae jit,
    > or even os4 emulation on morphos ...FS UAE..

    There is an m68k-to-PPC JIT compiler for UAE. Besides, this is not really an endianess issue as UAE's m68k-to-x86 and PPC-to-x86 JIT compilers wouldn't even work on little-endian PPC, obviously.

    I do like his idea that concentrating on perfecting the OWB/Odessey browser will open up a ton of cloud based programs or applications, including office software. Having a great web browser, or dare I say the "best" web browsing experience on MorphOS for x64 would make it stand out to many people, who are not currently MorphOS users. I am not a fan of moving everything to the "Cloud", and prefer to have my software and data files all on my own hdd, or ssd, but I do agree that many programs or applications have moved, and continue to move to cloud based and/or subscription payment solutions. If Libre Office moves to a cloud based application, I hope it remains free to use.

    Endianess issues might not affect certain things that you have mentioned, but I'm sure switching endian will open up a lot of software to possible ports that were not feasible on PPC, due to the amount of work that over coming the endian problem would have caused developers. (Yeah, I know I am just stating the obvious)

    Edit: I hope that once MorphOS for x64 is completed, one of the things that makes it stand out when compared to Linux and Windows, or MacOSX, is the way it shines during multi-tasking. IMO, Windows still sucks at multi-tasking most of the time. Even after all these years since it was first introduced on Windows, MacOSX, and Linux (don't know if Linux has had multi-tasking from day one), they don't seem to be as good at multi-tasking as the original 7MHz A1000 & A500 are/were at multi-tasking. I don't use MacOSX currently, but with my new iPhone SE arriving later today (if Verizon is accurate on their delivery date), I'm going to see how my Intel powered MacMini runs the latest version of MacOSX, and if it runs good, I'll be doing all, or most of my web browsing and email activities from MacOSX in the near future (until MorphOS gets updated and begins to do those tasks better than MacOSX in the future). Not being a Linux user, I don't remember how well it multi-tasks, but I would be surprised if it is better than the multi-tasking of AmigaOS1.x through 3.x on 68k hardware or FPGA.

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