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    For me the best way to have a good office suite is to switch on morphos 4 X64 or Arm or booth as fast as possible.
    Why ?? Just because of endianess issues. Think that on X64 Morphos we will have a nearly 10 times faster processor and a javascript jit for owb, so cloud offices will be really amazing ! And libreoffice is to be cloudified like ms office. For me it will be better to work on one main application, the web browser. Think of hardware accelerated Cairo, Tynigl or Mesa support for canvas....it could be great.
    Without endianess issues mainy ports will be easier.. like mupen64,pcsx or uae jit,or even os4 emulation on morphos ...FS UAE..

    Ok i dream, but with a genius like Bigfoot in the team everything is possible....

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