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    Andre has made a very good point about that bounty remaining frozen.
    Its a situation I wasn't aware of and it does point to some motivation issues.

    One of the advantages of a bounty is that it isn't paid until the work is completed.
    Subsidizing a developer without specific goals could be problematic.

    And, as I hadn't really thought about what we were getting out of it, I really hadn't considered the problem.

    Obviously, since Final writer is still a commercial product, time spent on that doesn't benefit us.
    And while I'd like to see the AROS AMD Mesa project finished, AROS isn't my primary interest.

    No, but you can feel good about helping out a fellow Amiga user, in a time of need, without thought of what it will lead to in the future, as Andre stated.

    I am sure that Kalamatee needs to evaluate his priorities, to make sure he is doing everything he can to avoid staying in this kind of problem situation, or allowing it to happen again, but since I don't know any of the exact circumstances, I am not going to judge him, and I will give him the benefit of doubt, that he has already done everything he can, and just hasn't been able to avoid the circumstances he finds himself subjected to.

    Edit: In some threads, a few members are suggesting that Kalamatee, due to the importance and number of code commits he has produced steadily, should be the first full time AROS developer who is funded by the community. I have no idea if that is feasible, or warranted, not being a current AROS user, and not being aware of Kalamatee's contribution record.

    An idea as to what he's provided to AROS over the years.

    HDToolbox, Wanderer, The original Mesa port, the currently working Multicore enabled Kernel, He helped fix 64 bit support

    and a few others can be seen here.


    And its my understanding that he his currently working on Mesa AMD support.
    The work on 64 bit and multi-core support is certainly significant.
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