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    amigadave wrote:
    I've been following the threads about Kalamatee and surely he must have some friends who can keep him off the streets, as well as store his computer gear for a few weeks, if he is unable to prevent the eviction. The talk of him having to sell his computers or take them to the dump because he couldn't store them anywhere was a bit melodramatic.

    One advantage of being an AROS developer is that you can run the OS on a variety of hardware platforms, even if just in a virtual environment. If he did not already own a portable device capable of running AROS (in whatever form), I am quite confident that someone out there would be willing to send him one.


    Since there are so many Amiga/AROS users willing to support him, I am hopeful that he will be able to avoid the eviction and can keep working on his contributions to AROS and FinalWriter (which I was unaware he was working on).

    FinalWriter remains a 'commercial' application. Obviously, none of the involved parties will get a 'fair' compensation for their contributions to this project. Nevertheless, if people were donating privately to a developer in the hopes that they will then be able to purchase commercial software from another party in the future, that would create a rather odd and potentially complicated situation.


    I wish I could contribute to help him, but I am already tapped out this month, due to sending another friend over $1,000, which I couldn't really afford to do.

    If you can help someone out and then feel good about yourself for doing a (presumably) good deed, that is great. But if you largely do so because you have certain expectations regarding what the recipient will provide in return, it is worth exploring how realistic those are.

    For example, there are roughly 250 USD of donations waiting to be paid out to Kalamatee for finishing the animation.datatype bounty project. Based on an email exchange two months ago, he needed to fix one bug. It's still there and the funds remain frozen. Clearly, money - no matter how much you might need it - is not the answer to everything.
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