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    Would ODT and MS Word import/export functionality for the new version of Finalwriter be quicker than a full port of Libre Office?

    Perhaps a massive bounty would encourage Kalamatee to add it?

    It was planned however with his current financial situation many planned features are on hold.

    That functionality would be enough for me.
    I'm not married to Office, but as I've said Open Office is of limited use to me.
    So just having a functional editor that can import and export to an from other platforms would be entirely adequate for my uses.

    BTW - I've joined in supporting Kalamatee, even though what I can afford to send is limited.

    From what I've seen from other posters, it will be a close thing, but we might keep him off the street.

    I've been following the threads about Kalamatee and surely he must have some friends who can keep him off the streets, as well as store his computer gear for a few weeks, if he is unable to prevent the eviction. The talk of him having to sell his computers or take them to the dump because he couldn't store them anywhere was a bit melodramatic. I'm not trying to down play his plight, and I feel very bad for anyone being in his position. He probably isn't being melodramatic intentionally, but just hasn't thought clearly about all of his options, when he considered taking his computers to the dump if he couldn't sell them quickly enough after being evicted. Since there are so many Amiga/AROS users willing to support him, I am hopeful that he will be able to avoid the eviction and can keep working on his contributions to AROS and FinalWriter (which I was unaware he was working on). From what others have written, he is very productive and talented, but a long term solution (paid full time employment) needs to be found for him, so this situation does not repeat itself. I wish I could contribute to help him, but I am already tapped out this month, due to sending another friend over $1,000, which I couldn't really afford to do.
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