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    amigadave wrote:
    The rest of your rant is irrelevant. Well, really all of your rant is irrelevant to everyone except you.

    I did say a few times that I was talking about me :) For me, the need for a specific target format of MS / Libre Office isn't that important, getting done what I need to do is more important. For most of what I do, I'm able to use an Amiga-ish system as my primary system so the inter platform is less necessary. I know that I could very well be unique in that.

    For me, what I'd love to see is full featured, currently developed / supported native applications so that everyone could do all their work on one system without having to care about transferability.

    I realize that that is a bit of a pipe dream. Unfortunately, because of the size of our platform and the resources / developer time available, I don't really see a lot of hope for getting a full Libre Office port anytime soon. It's been talked about and attempted for years but with a handful of developers working on it part time, I'm guessing we'll probably see a complete, fully bug fixed x64 MorphOS much sooner.

    Sure Trevor has talked about a working beta of Libre Office but what does that actually mean? Bold, italic and underline work or something more? And that's just for OS4 where I guess it's probably another case of him throwing his money at it because he wants it. Not that I'm complaining about his efforts, I like my X1000s and X5000s but who has the money, time and skills to do the same for MorphOS?

    I'm just not sure how practical it is to wait and expect it to happen "some day". Without a good office suite and a Firefox / Chrome level browser, our platform will become less and less capable of being a primary system for users. Will it eventually be relegated to playing classic games for those who want to play them on "real" hardware or even simply abandoned to play the games with emulators on our real computers that also happen to be able to do real work?

    I like the platform, particularly the OS, too much to give it up so I use the native tools to do what I need to do. I'm a retired old fart not having to produce anything for anyone else so, again just for me, I don't need or care about the inter platform as long as I can do what I need to do with the tools available. The above is how I'm able to do it without having to resort to other platforms.

    Once again YMMV if your needs are not similar. If they're not then none of this applies to you and you're safe to just ignore it and do what you need to do to do what you want to do. It's no skin off my back either way :)
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