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    Pgovotsos wrote:
    *** Warning - long a$$, rant mode post below :) ***

    I think the focus on Word / Excel etc formats might be part of the problem in the discussion. Personally I don't use / care about them too much. IMO focusing on the work I need to do and not a particular format or program is what _I_ need to do.

    I use WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 formats and they interchange just fine.

    The rest of your rant is irrelevant. Well, really all of your rant is irrelevant to everyone except you.

    What is the point of using a word processor or spreadsheet, or any other parts of an office suite, just for yourself that you can't share your work with 99% of the rest of the population (without jumping through a bunch of hoops to convert your work), and also you are not able to import anything from the rest of the population into your proprietary office suite software? I guess that is okay if you are a hermit who never has contact with other humans and doesn't care about the rest of the human race, but most of us are not that way, and we want to easily open documents and presentations from our friends and family, simply by clicking on them within our office suite of choice on MorphOS.

    I dislike Word and preferred WordPerfect, just like you, but even on the PC in 2017, some Word users might have problems with WordPerfect documents, if the user of WordPerfect doesn't choose a Word format to save their work, before sending it to someone else. As great as you and I think WordPerfect is/was, IIRC, it is dead, and 99.999% of the world uses Word, or Open Office/Libre Office and sends documents in the doc, or docx format.

    So, this discussion on exchange formats is very important and appropriate, for almost all MorphOS users, and not in any way part of a problem.
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