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    I'm waiting for "I don't use computers to create documents, I prefer a pen or pencil".

    Hey, I use Office365, and pay a monthly subscription fee to do so.
    For Word and Excel (I have no real use for the rest of it unless I'm required to use PowerPoint).

    And no, I don't find LibreOffice to be an adequate substitute.

    SO, no matter what solution gets dropped on us, I'll still require a PC (or a Mac).

    Its not that I am overly fond of Microsoft, but as in the past, I've always tried to use the proper tools for any job I am doing.
    And this is the best tool I've seen thus far.

    So...if 8/10ths is good enough for you, go for it.

    Under MorphOS, all I require is a decent editor, because for something more complex...
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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