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    *** Warning - long a$$, rant mode post below :) ***

    I think the focus on Word / Excel etc formats might be part of the problem in the discussion. Personally I don't use / care about them too much. IMO focusing on the work I need to do and not a particular format or program is what _I_ need to do.

    I use WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 formats and they interchange just fine. For that Amiga wordprocessors and spreadsheets work just fine. Since I don't particularly like Word and Excel, WordPerfect and Quattro Pro on the PC does what I need. For DTP Pagestream or even ProPage are more powerful than I need and with a Postscript printer I don't care about taking it to a PC.

    For presentations, as silly as it may sound, I still use AmigaVision Pro for a lot of it. Sure there's no way to transfer it to other platforms but who cares? It works just fine on an Amiga to do presentations, the interface is drop dead simple, I can pull material from many sources. After all this time it is powerful and flexible enough to do everything I need it to do.

    For databases I still use SuperBase - in large part because of the image field type. I never understood why MUIbase doesn't have that. Fully relational and the programming language is damn powerful - you can make SuperBase jump through any hoop you want. If I REALLY want it on a PC for some reason, that's what I have SuperBase for Windows for.

    For graphics work, there's a ridiculous abundance of options on AmigaOS. Sure there aren't plug-ins so you have to do the fancy stuff by hand and it's "a bit" slower but I still get there and what's available is fast enough for what I need to do. Personally the interface on the Amiga programs are so much simpler, faster and more intuitive for me. Not having to deal with menus nested 27 layers deep is real nice.

    For video work, Lightwave with plug-ins and the Flyer or Draco with MovieShop 5 does what I need. Yes, Amiga Lightwave is much slower but I still get there. I might not be able to do HD video but the Flyer is so darn fast it's nuts. Throw Millennium on a Flyer system and you've got a good system. MovieShop 5 is no slouch either.

    And let's not forget the wonders of ARexx. I can replicate a lot of those graphics plug-ins and have just as much one button access to the features. Tying everything together with ARexx works wonders. I sure wish it was updated to latest REXX features but as it is, it's still the bee's knees :)

    I don't get the speed of the newest products on the other platforms and the latest features may be lacking. But honestly, how many people use more than 10% of the features of the modern programs? And again, ARexx makes up for a lot of it.

    I get the features that _I_ need and platform transferability that _I_ need. Most of it works on MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 and for the rest 3.1 still works :) LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, etc compatibility is possible with some creativity.

    That's a long winded way of saying that, for me, I don't care if LibreOffice never comes to Amiga-ish operating systems. Of course YMMV :)
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