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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:

    asrael22 schrieb:

    [...] I claim that a port of LibreOffice is either very slow or even not useable at all on PPC hardware.
    I'd rather take small steps and improve software that's already there.


    I was surprised to see it quite usable on PPC! I actually use it on my PB G4 (on the Linux side) when I am travelling by train, as the PB is my only laptop. On my G5 it just feels as fast as on x86-hardware, which does not surprise me 'cause you don't need a quadcore for text processing and light LibreCalc usage either.

    OK, you got me.
    I remember I was using OpenOffice on my PowerBook G4 when OS X was installed.

    Ignition has IMO a lot of potential and it's open-source.
    The specs for the document formats for LibreOffice as well as Microsoft Office publicly available.
    It should be possible to do something on that front.

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