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    I do agree AmigaDave. The possibility to read or import standard (doc or docx) painlessly and exporting to possibly another format is what is sorely missing. I do like FinalWriter and being able to save files as rtf is useful, but otherwise the multitude of individual programs for morphos do not integrate well with one another and, let us face it, are not standard formats. That is why I raised the subject of LibreOffice.



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    I tried Cinnamon Writer which works well, if you stay on the MorphOS-side. Unfortunately importing .docx thrashes most of the formatting... what a pity.

    What ever we get on MorphOS (and AmigaOS4 as well), needs to be able to import and export in formats that make it usable for exchanging documents & spreadsheets with others who are using Windows, MacOSX, and Linux computers. That is more important to me than having all the other bells & whistle features available on other platforms. After format exchange is implemented, then the programmers can work on adding extra features.

    That is my opinion anyway, regarding what priorities should be placed first.
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