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    asrael22 schrieb:

    [...] I claim that a port of LibreOffice is either very slow or even not useable at all on PPC hardware.
    I'd rather take small steps and improve software that's already there.


    I was surprised to see it quite usable on PPC! I actually use it on my PB G4 (on the Linux side) when I am travelling by train, as the PB is my only laptop. On my G5 it just feels as fast as on x86-hardware, which does not surprise me 'cause you don't need a quadcore for text processing and light LibreCalc usage either.

    But I agree that improving existing software would be the best solution. Or porting something like Abiword which should be more than enough for 'common' text processing needs. It works, it has good import filters and according to the project page it even has portability in mind. IMHO porting LibreOffice is just a massive waste of time and a huge maintainance burden. The codebase is growing and changing at a fast pace. Also getting more and more dependance on OpenGL I read - does not make it easier for MorphOS (and Amiga OS 4).

    I tried Cinnamon Writer which works well, if you stay on the MorphOS-side. Unfortunately importing .docx thrashes most of the formatting... what a pity.
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