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    asrael22 wrote:
    LibreOffice is such a huge beast that I find it unlikely it will every come to any of the Amiga OS flavours.
    And even if, to keep it maintained to the current LibreOffice developement is another thing altogether.

    I would rather like to see LibreOffice document support for existing Amiga programs like FinalWriter, etc.


    There is "ongoing OS4 port" by "Friedens" but just screenshots displayed, and alleged beta testing.
    Its likely it will be 3.5 by time porting started and it will be sold.
    Will there be an option for MOS/AROS port is unknown.

    Libre is a massive task to port, but its not huge compared to competitors.
    Its fast, it offers also Presentation tools, has its own ODT open format of documents
    and is FREE and OPEN SOURCE office solution.

    In Word processor, or any field, now obsolete 3.5 offers way more then updated 90s
    Amiga software. While it would be good to have updated Amiga software, its license
    bond closed source and owners mostly gone under.

    So in reality, even being huge task, Libre is likely way to go forward,
    and best one we do have.

    Presentation, OK. There is nothing in Amiga world.

    Well, there is Hollywood Designer. It's pretty capable and the presentations can get compiled to a stand alone program.
    For replaying .ppt there is pointrider (IIRC) which was surprisingly good when I tested it soem years ago.


    But the general question is, for what purpose would we need office programs.
    And do we need all the features that LibreOffice offers.

    I mean, writing some letters, article, even with hundreds of pages, if easily doable with FinalWriter.
    And has been done in the past.
    To completely honest, despite the document format exchangeability, MS Office from '97 would probably still suffice completely today for the majority of tasks.


    The main problem for me is interchangeability. I actually used Amiga word processors back in the day to make fairly compex documents for university. Recently I did pretty complex layouts with current MS Word. There are quite nice to use functions in it that make a DTP program obsolete in quite some cases. But as an old schooler I still prefer a word processor for easy text and actual writing/editig (correction mode is very much used by me for that) and additionally DTP program if a compex layout is needed. I use a rather old version of Indesign but would happily trade it for a current version of Pagestream - what has happend to that? It was shown in Neuss, but no news since then...

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