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    asrael22 wrote:

    Presentation, OK. There is nothing in Amiga world.

    But the general question is, for what purpose would we need office programs.
    And do we need all the features that LibreOffice offers.

    I mean, writing some letters, article, even with hundreds of pages, if easily doable with FinalWriter.
    And has been done in the past.
    To completely honest, despite the document format exchangeability, MS Office from '97 would probably still suffice completely today for the majority of tasks.


    Then we should just all use 'ed' instead of any office type software, right? That mentality is a part of the problem. "we dont need it". Actually it would be nice to do things with an office suite. A piece of software that can open documents and whatnot from various other pieces of software from Windows and/or Linux. Something available on other platforms that you're familiar with and know that it can interchange when you load it up on your MorphOS system.

    I use LibreOffice all the time on my Linux box, use it to edit docs from work that I create with MS Word, even excel. My budget is all in LibreOffice Calc.

    "Oh well you can do it in xxyy app under MorphOS or under AmigaOS 3.x app", but really, can you? Can I save it and open it back up with MS Office or do I need to save it as a special csv file (if it even does that) and then import and edit it under Windows etc?

    Its time to break that mold of trying to do things the Amiga way or the old way..its archaic.
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