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    vox wrote:

    asrael22 wrote:
    I mean, writing some letters, article, even with hundreds of pages, if easily doable with FinalWriter.
    And has been done in the past.
    To completely honest, despite the document format exchangeability, MS Office from '97 would probably still suffice completely today for the majority of tasks

    Dont go there, its simple feature wise: every aspect of an app has improved since 90s,
    from GUI, spellecheck, speed of scroll and reformats etc.Also opening large documents with pictures, inserting charts, tables etc.
    Its even more visible in spreedsheet area with both complex formulas and ability to do various charts

    It certainly has improved.
    But to a large degree it has improved on MS's wallet for selling updates.
    I assert that the core features of spreadsheet and word processing have not improved to a large extend. Certainly for the hardware improvements (more memory, faster CPU) you see adaptions simply because things were suddenly possible which were not previously.

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