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    asrael22 wrote:
    I mean, writing some letters, article, even with hundreds of pages, if easily doable with FinalWriter.
    And has been done in the past.
    To completely honest, despite the document format exchangeability, MS Office from '97 would probably still suffice completely today for the majority of tasks

    Dont go there, its simple feature wise: every aspect of an app has improved since 90s,
    from GUI, spellecheck, speed of scroll and reformats etc.Also opening large documents with pictures, inserting charts, tables etc.
    Its even more visible in spreedsheet area with both complex formulas and ability to do various charts
    and re-use them in Word processors/DTP, and as you say, in presentations, sadly Amiga never paid much attention to it - even it had Scala and now Hoolywood.

    Since I prefer "old school look" I do use Libre 3.5 and Office 2003 with DOCX support to do all jobs done
    and i agree pure text is doable. That level wise I could do text in ASCII and just reformat them in an word editor. But publications - be it home or bussiness, have grown in sizes, contents and complexity.

    PageStream used to be great for real DTP but something stopped with 5.x development. I hear 68k version is better then MOS and OS4. Would buy that since it is modern and feature rich app, but they charge heavily to try.
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