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    There is AFAIK not _one_ office program that offers everything.
    But there is:
    - FinalWriter whcih can be used as the '97 variant and it is being actively developed.
    - AmigaWriter (m68k)
    - TurboCalc (m68k)
    - Ignition (unfortunately no native MorphOS port, http://ignition-amiga.sourceforge.net)
    - MUIBase (http://muibase.sourceforge.net/welcome)

    LibreOffice is such a huge beast that I find it unlikely it will every come to any of the Amiga OS flavours.
    And even if, to keep it maintained to the current LibreOffice developement is another thing altogether.

    I would rather like to see LibreOffice document support for existing Amiga programs like FinalWriter, etc.

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