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    If you want to use a printer with MorphOS, the most supported printers are those that have a PostScript printing option, as the Printing device (USBPAR:) by Zukow, is supposed to be part of the next MOS update release, and the Beta Printing system can be downloaded and installed on any MorphOS system, and a suitable .ppd file for the printer from its installation CD be transferred over to the necessary place on MorphOS for easy printing at the maximum capabilities of the printer.

    I use a HP 2500 Colour LaserJet USB & Centronics port printer (Postscript, and Network capable) which works well with MorphOS.

    MorphOS is a niche OS, and I don't believe it is that likely that many inkjet printers, that don't have a commonly supported Printer Language will get supported in the future. I believe HP PCL5 is supported, and you can always print to Ghostscript, once installed, and print to PS: via TurboPrint, but even then your printers may not be compatible with those options.

    I usually transfer other files that I would normally print out as PDFs which OWB can save webpages as, and PageStream can also save documents as PDFs, but I use my PostScript capable printer to print directly whatever/whenever required.

    I know this doesn't solve your problem for now, but should you consider any future investment in a printer then I would suggest a PostScript capable one as being the one to choose to enable it to be used quite simply with virtually anything you want to print out via MorphOS, and I hope this is of some use to you, in the longterm.

    I also use an Epson 1640SU (SCSI+USB) scanner which works really well with SCANdal
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