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    igracki wrote:
    Instead of "Wait 13", you could do "WaitForPort UAE I=1 L=20", this waits max 20 seconds, and checks every second.

    You will be sending commands to nil this way as UAE port will be ready way before emulated system boots. I've found a solution though.

    Create/Modify a file in a system running in e-uae and then get notification on MorphOS, so a command can be send when the emulated system is ready. uae_rcli needs to be quite early in s-s, it doesn't create its own port and has to be run with run.

    DOS notification can be get using Magicbeacon, WaitNotify. There is also a new command in the upcoming MorphOS :).



    .KEY folder/A,slavename/A

    echo "param1: <folder>"
    echo "param2: <slavename>"

    Run >NIL: SYS:Tools/e-uae/e-uae -f SYS:Tools/e-uae/Conf/A1200_WHDLoad.conf
    WaitNotify.elf T:e-uae-boot
    RXcmd UAE "uaeexe Cd <folder>"
    RXcmd UAE "uaeexe WHDLoad PRELOAD <slavename>"
    ;Fancy version below with F12 as a quitkey
    ;RXcmd UAE "uaeexe WHDLoad SPLASHDELAY=0 QUITKEY=111 PRELOAD SLAVE=<slavename>"

    euae config:


    AmigaOS startup-sequence:


    C:SetPatch QUIET

    Run >NIL: C:uae_rcli

    C:Version >NIL:

    ;...the rest of your s-s

    Echo > RAM2:T/e-uae-boot
    ;EndCLI >NIL:
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