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    Korni wrote:

    asrael22 wrote:
    A script will start UAE and pass the selected game along to UAE which will then get started by WHDLoad.

    Thank you for your scripts. So, where is a script which starts UAE?

    I modified CallWHD.dos a bit so when a slave is started from Ambient - it starts e-uae and sends commands to it via arexx.
    Path is the same in MorphOS as in the emulated AmigaOS. Mounted Games partition.

    .KEY folder/A,slavename/A

    echo "param1: <folder>"
    echo "param2: <slavename>"

    Run >NIL: SYS:Tools/e-uae/e-uae -f SYS:Tools/e-uae/Conf/A1200_WHDload.conf
    Wait 13 ;estimated boot time, meh
    RXcmd UAE "uaeexe Cd <folder>"
    RXcmd UAE "uaeexe WHDLoad PRELOAD <slavename>"

    Well, right.
    I forgot to mention that my scripts assume a correctly configured UAELoad setup with a VM that has WHDLoad installed.
    The C:WHDLoad script which gets called in CallWHD.dos starts UAE using UAELoad.

    But your approach is good as well. Maybe even better as it doesn't require UAELoad.


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