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    jPV wrote:

    Cool_amigaN wrote:
    Edit: Btw I always wondered whether there could be a script that would launch whdload via e-uae but on double clicking the slave instead of right clicking it..

    Shouldn't it work with asrael22's scripts if you open Ambient's Mime prefs and:

    1) Double click Application/x-amigaos-whdload
    2) Click Add
    3) Name: Run using WHD
    4) EventType: DoubleClick
    5) Click Add
    6) AmigaDOS: run >nil: c:rx sys:prefs/ambient/scripts/uaewhd.rexx "%sp"
    7) Ok, Ok, Save

    (didn't try)

    Hmm either this doesn't work or (most probably) it poses an incompatibility with UAELoad (wrapper for WHDload/iGame) since I get an error for UAEload: oops wrong set of arguments in Ambient and it just quits :/
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