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    amigadave wrote:
    To use MorphOS as my daily OS I need three things;

    1. Real security (on top of the "security by obscurity"), without needing 3rd party software to help make it secure, and built-in, or later, a virus checker.

    Well.. I feel much safer under MorphOS with "security by obscurity" and behind the firewall of my router, than for example using Windows with its built-in virus checker. I don't think we have much problems with viruses... even Mac people use their systems without checkers :)


    2. Web browser that works on almost all sites, including banking and web stores, "securely".

    OWB works for banking and other accounts pretty well for me, it's quite rare to have problems with shopping either. What do you think is the security problem here?


    3. Email program that works with the most popular email sites "securely".

    I'm happy with POP3, and SimpleMail has worked just fine with GMail, Outlook (365), and several ISP related accounts... with TLS mostly. It uses pretty new openssl implementation nowadays, so what's the problem with security again?

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