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    redrumloa wrote:
    Don't take this as a shot to the hard working MorphOS developers, but I'm a little disappointed how long 3.10 is taking to come out. I take it that despite statements to the contrary, the loss of a couple team members seems to have slowed things down significantly. The MorphOS Team used to be a machine, just churning out updates at a breathtaking pace.

    I guess I got spoiled, big time. Again, not whining at the developers. My system still works, I just feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to come :-)

    If no new release ever came out again, I certainly got my money's worth and got everything I was promised and more. i just want a new release, dammit!! ;-)

    I'm still enjoying your G4 PowerMac, Jim. I just bought a 1.42 GHz dual cpu card (I'd already upgraded it to a 1.33 GHz Xserve cpu card) and I've added an NEC based USB 2.0 card (for more ports). I have an OWC SATA SSD on order from AOTL, and I'd like to replace the SWB Live sound card with a VIA Envy24HT based card.
    Then eventually I will upgrade the Radeon 9600 video card I installed as a replacement for your 9000, with an X800XT, or a X1950Pro AGP.
    OR, if we're really lucky, when Bigfoot gives us R600 accelerated drivers, he'll include the 3850 AGP variant and I can really push the system.

    BTW - If any of you ever sell a dual 1.8 GHz 7448 cpu card let me know.

    SO...I'm waiting for 3.10, AND whatever comes after.
    Not necessarily for the X5000 support, because I'm not buying one of those until the X5000/40 is introduced, but rather just because I like the new features each revision brings us.

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