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    It is a pity to have to wait fort hat long but we won’t speed it up by repeating this phrase. So we better let the team do their work.
    I do not think it makes a lot of sense to write support for these disc formats. How many games (which exist for MorphOS or will most probably be ported) use UDF DVD or HFS CD/DVD? Are there any at all? And how many can you *really* expect to be available within 2-3 years? Reading these discs will help you exactly once: to copy the files to harddrive because you do not want to always read them from the slow DVD. So I think in that case finding another computer who can copy the files should be okay. There are a lot of features that would improve for many more people, e.g. multiple Radeons or multiple connectors on the same Radeon card or pivot mode for screens aaaand many more. I think the team should focus on things that more people can benefit from.
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