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    polluks wrote:

    NewSense schrieb:
    I was wondering if OWB is being updated for the next MorphOS release could I ask if it has been considered to add a gadget button (+) at the end of the TAB strip of windows to allow a 'New Tab' (+ gadget) to be opened as a result of that left click so you don't have to keep spawning a new window either by Cmd+T or right mouse click on a Tab and choose New Tab, as having the gadget would make it a lot easier - anyone else with an opinion on this request feature?

    What about the gadget button (+) in front of the URL line?

    Yes, it is already there, and for me it is already a waste of space. And if youz have a few tabs open you have to scroll around anyway to reach it. Cmd+T is the quickest way and always works.
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