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    Cool_amigaN wrote:
    1080p H264/x264 mkv are being played flawless on G5 2.5Ghz. 720p h264 mkv are okish on PMac 3.1 G4 1.6Ghz. Buffering when skipping forward/backward is a problem but I assume that is caused due to the very slow and old IDE HD interface of my main system. Streaming over lan from a NAS is ok too. Highly compressed MP4 are usually proved to be a problem on the other hand.

    With the G4, it could be a hard drive issue. And there is a fairly wide variation in how 720P videos are encoded.
    In any case, since redrumloa equipped the G4 I have with an SATA controller, I have an easy path to upgrading to an SSD (if I can find an SATA1 compatible drive).

    BTW guys, I have an IDE to SATA adapter here I haven't tried yet that I'll eventually install on a dual layer SATA DVD-RW drive to see if that works. It would make upgrading to a dual layer drive easier than trying to dig up a PATA DVD drive.

    Oh, and the G5's playback capability has been known for awhile, but the cpu utilization is still way too high with 1080P video.
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