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    Ok, all this talk about video cards, SAM460, X5000, etc has got me wondering how much I really don't know that I don't know :)

    Say you download version X of MorphOS. On the hardware supported page is listed motherboards / systems A, B and C and video cards V1, V2 and V3. Does that mean in the MorphOS world that every combination of motherboard & video card is supported or only some combinations?

    From some of the discussion in this thread, much of it honestly flying right past me, I'm getting the idea that this might not be the case. Am I understanding correctly that some combinations, particularly the SAM460 and various video cards, are not supported?

    I know that sounds like a really stupid question since right there in the hardware supported list, they are all listed as supported. In some other threads I was reading that supporting some cards on the sam was troublesome. Has that changed?

    As before, the main reason is that I would like to run MorphOS on both the Sam and X5000 and am trying to find a card that is supported by all OSes I'm wanting to try. Not that I expect the fastest MorphOS performance from either (that's what the Macs are for), simply for the convenience.
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