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    jacadcaps wrote: 'DL should burn just fine with Jalapeno's CDrecord backend......'

    However, that doesn't answer the problem I have with a standard DVD+R DL disc with video material on it that my Sony DVR could play as standard, but that MPlayer couldn't access and that Frying Pan couldn't burn/find it as a useable DL DVD+R disc with it inserted in my UJ-875 Dual-Layer DVD±R/W drive.

    Either the system does handle this media, or it doesn't, a 'fudged' answer is not of much use to anyone using MorphOS, is it?

    If someone on the Dev Team can give a comprehensive Yes or No answer, and information on whether this issue is being, or going to be addressed in the future (near or far) then that would be what I was hoping to know, thanks.
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