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    geit wrote:

    NewSense wrote:

    Might Blu-ray be supported at any time in the future - is it in any 'future-roadmap'?

    Well, I may be supported right now. Jalapeno is "just" a gui for OpenSource based components.

    Check for the tools delivered in MOSSYS:Data/Jalapeno/. cdrecord already seems to support BR.

    The problem is in any case that you need a proper source file system to prepare the data to burn. Reading files
    from a Bluray is probably an issue as it needs a different file system from what I remember.

    However I wont hold my breath for any more in that direction, as optical media for storage is quite dead these days.
    There are faster and cheaper ways to store data these days. Playing movies is another problem due the encryption.

    Hmm... I will agree that optical media is dying, but dead?
    I just picked up a 10 pack of DVD-R discs a couple of days ago because I wanted an easier to use boot medium than a USB key (for upgrading a laptop to Win10).
    Of course, if the laptop didn't have a DVD drive (like my own without the dockng station)...

    I must admit, I like optical media.
    If blu ray discs had a reduced size instead of more storage than I need, I might consider that move.
    But let's face it, USB drives are nice, small and pocketable.

    The primary disadvantage?
    I don't just give away a thumb drive.

    I have no problem with giving away optical media.
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