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    In Frying Pan the DVD±R/W UJ-875 drive is found, and I can use it to write DVD±R/W discs, but it won't recognise DL discs it seems, so does anyone know if Jalapeno can use/write to DL discs, or Frying Pan, as I don't seem to be able to find any docs that indicate if it/they can/not?

    I mention this as I put a DL DVD in my Matsushita (Panasonic) UJ-875, which is a DL DVD recorder/reader and I could see the disk listed on Ambient/MyMorphOS, but I couldn't get it to open or be read via MPlayer as that too could not 'see' the disc to open the disc files it seems.

    I just wondered if anyone knows if Dual-Layer (DL) DVD drives and recording disks to them is supported with any software with MorphOS currently, and reading from them, or if it will be supported in future releases?

    Might Blu-ray be supported at any time in the future - is it in any 'future-roadmap'?
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