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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > The only statement I got on GCN is that it would be awhile. [...]
    > I wouldn't expect GCN support with 3.10.

    I think nobody really does.

    Yep, I don't ever remember hearing it was to be included, I'm just happy to know its in the developer's sights.
    I chaff at the bit as much as anyone, as I've already mentioned with my constant waffling on whether or not to settle for the dual core X5000.

    But it will be cool, I just have to have patience, and I should eventually have a four core X5000 with a GCN based video card to round out my PPC collection.

    Then I can wait for how ever long it takes to make the move to X64, WITH some damned cool hardware.

    I do wish there were some SAM460s to be had though, it would make a good 'appetizer'.

    I have received absolutely zero response from Acube when inquiring about that board.

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