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    Kronos wrote:
    Wow alot of argueing about something neither of you knows (on which cards bigfoot works in which order and in what timeframe) and that won't change a bit (on which cards bigfoot works in which order and in what timeframe).

    Thank god bytes on the internet are cheap these days.


    Thank you SO much for pointing that out.
    I don't have a freaking clue what Mark's up to, and I'd never try to influence his course anyway since his abilities are vastly beyond my own.
    Frankly, I spent more time last month asking him questions about South Africa, Christmas, and his general welfare than I did discussing MorphOS.

    After all guys, these are people (talented people, but people) and I'm sure they get burned out talking shop constantly just like anyone else would.

    So, kick back and relax, y'all.
    The only statement I got on GCN is that it would be awhile.
    How long? How the f*ck would I know?

    The last time, when I was waiting for the R500 driver, and it popped up fairly quickly with a couple of features I didn't expect (AGP compatibility and Atom bios support).
    When will the R600 driver be ready?
    You guys ask, because I'm satisfied to wait.

    And the R700 series? Well Frank and Mark have had one of those for awhile, so that (again) is anyone's guess.

    The R800s? Mark has one, I have a few more in the current package (and three more for a shipment after that).

    And soon he'll have one GCN1 card, but it could take as long as two months to get to him (South African customs appears to like to hold onto packages for a looonnnggg time).

    So, to wrap up this prolonged diversion, I wouldn't expect GCN support with 3.10.
    But you'll get a GCN driver...eventually.

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