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    >Is graphics card support added in the order you ship them? ;-)

    My shipments, of course.
    I have NO idea what Mark is planning, and no interest in bugging him about it or interjecting my opinion as to how he should approach the project.
    As I've said before, I trust the developers to approach everything as they see fit.

    As to the 4350, I'm sure that the R700 driver will cover it.
    I personally wouldn't buy one, primarily because I can get 4450s cheaper.
    And the 4000s don't really get interesting until the 4650/70.

    As to the GCN1 cards, yeah, I'd assume the 7850 should serve.
    I think the highest end card Mark mentioned already having was an HD7450 (Caicos, basically the same as a 6450, pre-GCN).

    And I think Mark and Frank had 4650 cards for the SAM460 port.

    I don't even know if they received cards with the X5000s, but I doubt it.
    And if they did, were they similar to what is being included now?
    Again, f'd if I know, I try not to ask too many questions (the less I know, the less I can blab about).

    NOW, if you'd all like to send an R9 270x and possibly an HD7750 (or 7770), that is one less thing I need to worry about.

    I've repacked my latest group of cards to include the 7850, and I'll get those out next week.
    That leaves a few higher end 6000 cards to ship and Mark will have a fair representation of the cards after the R500 series.

    Then all we'll have to worry about is GCN2, 3, and 4.

    That, AND the fact that we could use an OpenGL upgrade.
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