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    > it would appear that you, grandma, and David would like one of our hardest working,
    > and most talented programmers to stop what he is doing and focus his attention not
    > on a specific card, but a group of related cards that will require some additional
    > research (and slow the development of the cards he's been working with).

    You misread on two levels. First, nobody here wants him "to stop what he is doing" currently. What was declared against was your proposition of working all the way up through every generation (R600, R700, R800, R900) before starting work on supporting any GCN-based cards. If R600 support is what's currently being worked on, this should be finished of course.
    Second, the fact that we didn't propose a specific GCN-based card doesn't mean there shouldn't be focus on a specific card (or a number of specific cards). Of course, focus should be on the cards that were shipped with the AmigaOne 500 and Sam460 systems and those that are being shipped with the X5000 systems. For the AmigaOne 500 and Sam460 systems this would primarily be HD 77x0 (except HD 7790) and R7 250. For the X5000 see below.

    > Amigans are TOO demanding.

    Nobody here in this part of the discussion has demanded anything. There were just opinions stated.

    > some of you expect ALL the 2D drivers done before 3.10 is released

    Who does expect this? Names please.

    > Mark could shift to the GCN cards, and then he would have to pick a specific target


    > since we're discussing GCN cards, what card would make a good focus?
    > Amiga On The Lake is shipping 7750s. I don't know about the other vendors.

    I just had a look at the X5000 vendors:

    Amiga On The Lake: HD 7750 or R9 270X (option)
    Alinea: R7 250X
    Amedia: R7 250X
    Relec: R7 250X

    So considering the cards shipped with AmigaOne 500 and Sam460 systems mentioned above, these are HD 77x0 (except HD 7790), R7 250(X) and R9 270X. These are all GCN1.

    > the last card he mentioned working with was an R600, so I would expect that series
    > to be first guys.

    I certainly welcome R600 support.

    > to me it seems...kind of ungrateful.

    To me it seems you've been misreading what was stated.

    > I checked out the HD4350 and its not needed, it uses the same core as the HD4550.

    This means all the more that R700 support would start from HD 4350 :-)

    > AMD gives them their numeric designation, but what is really important is
    > what core they are based on.

    Yes, I know.

    > I just added the HD7850 to the other nine cards

    Thanks. Core-wise the closest (but not the same) to this from my above list is the R9 270X.

    > so that will arrive before the higher end 6000 cards.

    Is graphics card support added in the order you ship them? ;-)
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