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    Sure Andreas, you're allowed to have whatever opinion you would like.
    And right now it would appear that you, grandma, and David would like one of our hardest working, and most talented programmers to stop what he is doing and focus his attention not on a specific card, but a group of related cards that will require some additional research (and slow the development of the cards he's been working with).
    Might happen, who knows...
    Personally, as I have a 3870 sitting in waiting, I couldn't care.

    I'm not in the drivers seat, nor would I want to be, Amigans are TOO demanding.
    I'm just impressed that Mark is tackling this huge project, while some of you expect ALL the 2D drivers done before 3.10 is released (2D and 3D drivers now go hand in hand and that involves dozens of separate drivers). Or, of course, Mark could shift to the GCN cards, and then he would have to pick a specific target (because they are evolving too).

    So, again, not my decision, AND I don't know what is going to happen because (as I've said more than a few times recently) I no longer ask questions about specifics. I trust these guys to make the decisions.
    I am just helping Mark defray some costs.

    But, since we're discussing GCN cards, what card would make a good focus? Amiga On The Lake is shipping 7750s. I don't know about the other vendors.

    I have nine card here ready to ship, but I could include a few additional cards, including an HD 7850.

    If I add Radeon HD 6850, 6970, and 7850 cards to that package it only increases to 12 cards (14 if I add two more). Of course, then there is the long delay getting there).

    SO, by Spring, Bigfoot would have everything from R600 to GCN cards on hand.

    BUT, the last card he mentioned working with was an R600, so I would expect that series to be first guys.
    Then again, I could be wrong, because again, I don't ask.

    I'll leave that up to you guys, because to me it seems...kind of ungrateful.

    Edit @ Andreas, I checked out the HD4350 and its not needed, it uses the same core as the HD4550.
    That has been the trick with all these cards, ATI/AMD gives them their numeric designation, but what is really important is what core they are based on.
    Especially from the 6000 series up, where there is a lot of reuse of older tech.

    Oh, and to all, I just added the HD7850 to the other nine cards, so that will arrive before the higher end 6000 cards.

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